Trump Says He Will Issue 'New Executive Action' Related To Travel Ban

Posted February 17, 2017

President Donald Trump said he'll issue a new order limiting immigration to the USA next week that will be "tailored" to a ruling by an Appeals Court that halted his temporary ban on travel from seven predominantly Muslim nations.

In a news conference that ran more than an hour on Thursday, Trump said that "the roll out [of the executive order] was flawless". "It is an interim ruling, and we [the Trump Administration] are fully confident that we will get our day in court and have an opportunity to argue this on that merits that our administration will prevail throughout the ruling".

The president also downplayed the chaos that erupted at airports around the world in the wake of the travel ban, as workers, students, people trying to visit families in the USA and others with valid visas were either denied permission to board planes or turned away after arriving in the U.S.

In a court filing, the Department of Justice indicated it will take up the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals' invitation to consider whether to re-hear the case of the president's immigration ban before a larger group of judges.

The court ordered briefs filed by Thursday and both sides submitted arguments saying they did not want a new review.

Many people were prevented from traveling to the USA and others were denied entry on arrival after the release of Trump's executive order. And it said the appeals court wrongly concluded that almost all visa holders in the USA have a right to an individualized hearing before they could be subject to the executive order's limitations.

The ruling also rejected President Trump's claims that the courts are "powerless" to check the power of a president and review the president's assessments on national security.

The Justice Department court filing said Trump's order would be "substantially revised" but did not provide details.

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The first thing President Trump repeals and replaces is going to be his own executive order on immigration.

Trump has said his directive, issued last month, was necessary to protect the United States from attacks by Islamist militants.

They said the Trump administration presented no evidence that any foreigner from the seven countries - Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen - was responsible for a terrorist attack in the U.S. The order also prevented refugees from entering the country for 120 days. The American Bazaar had reported earlier on the chaos among global travelers in the wake of Trump's order.

Trump claimed that the rollout of the travel ban was "perfect" and "very smooth". He said the order was needed to keep the country safe and that was the reason for its quick implementation.

The appellate process is not the Trump administration's only outlet to press the agenda expressed by the EO.

He said "extreme vetting" will be put in place for people entering the U.S., and that it already is in place in some parts of the country.

According to President Donald Trump, after his team's appeal was declined, he is now taking into account the composition of a "New Immigration Ban" for he strongly believes on the threat the nation is up against if the executive Order isn't implemented.