Animal-masked people allegedly rob watch store in Bellagio

Posted March 26, 2017

Police descended upon Las Vegas' Bellagio Resort & Casino early Saturday morning -and guests fled in panic from the property, flooding surrounding streets - amidst false reports of an "active shooter". They are still investigating what appears to be a burglary either at the store or in the world-famous casino itself.

"It is like a movie, it's just insane", Las Vegas Metropolitan PD Lt. Carlos Hank told the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

Three men wearing masks smashed the store's windows with sledgehammers to break in. The Bellagio houses other high-end jewelry stores, including Tiffany and Omega.

The Bellagio was on lockdown after the incident for about 30 minutes.

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Guests thought it was an active shooter situation after one of the burglars fired a shot inside of the store.

The suspects wore character masks during the incident, including a pig mask seen in photos from the scene posted on social media.

Police confirmed one person was arrested and added there were no injuries. When it wouldn't start, they tried to carjack someone else's auto, and then tried to run away, the Las Vegas Sun reported.