Get to know Mass Effect: Andromeda's Jaal, your Angaran squadmate

Posted March 14, 2017

Mass Effect: Andromeda will be arriving on PC, PS4, PS4 Pro, and Xbox One. Excitement is high, and we're thirsty for details.

This trailer shows off well-known aspects of previous games, like the dialogue wheel, squad commands, tech/bionic powers, and the cover system. Among them is a tour of Andromeda's answer to the Normandy: the Tempest. This specific trailer also features a loyalty mission, like the ones in Mass Effect 2 that would provide more insight into a squadmate's backstory and character while unlocking extra abilities that they can use. The gameplay video below was captured by DualShockers. You shouldn't give this one a watch if you're anxious about spoilers. The demo showcases oodles of never-before-seen gameplay with the focus being the Loyalty Mission for Liam Kosta.

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People who buy the Super Deluxe Edition also get multiplayer super deluxe booster packs, which provide a weekly premium pack for 20 weeks.

Less than a week ago, the official Mass Effect YouTube page released a video which explains the concept of "Golden Worlds" and why the Andromeda Initiative chose them for potential new homes. This new DLC will feature weapons and equipment, as well as bonus content such as developer interviews and an interesting foreword from Bioware lead designer Ian Frazier. However, since the announcement of the game many have wondered why Bioware did not make Mass Effect 4 and now the studio has answered the question.