Mnuchin: Trump has 'perfect genes,' has given up KFC

Posted March 28, 2017

"He's got ideal genes", answered Mnuchin, silencing the previously laughing crowd.

Critics immediately pounced on Mnuchin's Lego Movie recommendation, noting that RatPac receives income from the film and Mnuchin may not yet be fully divested of the company, which he has promised to do within 120 days of his February 13 confirmation.

Earlier this month, Politico reported that the Trump administration passed on an ethics training program the White House has contracted since 2000. "He has incredible energy and he's unbelievably healthy", Mr Mnuchin said, during an event organized by the news website Axios.

"I think that first of all, health care and tax reform are two very different things", Mnuchin said, adding that tax reform could be easier to pass because "in a way, it's a lot simpler".

Mnuchin said he was "optimistic" - not "worried" about robots taking human jobs.

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Mnuchin went on to clarify his comment a bit, noting that he doesn't think self-driving cars use artificial intelligence because "that's computers and using real technology we have today". "We're reforming both the personal and the corporate side, we're not cutting this up and doing little pieces at a time".

"Tax reform is something the president is very committed to", Spicer told reporters. Ron Wyden, D-Oregon, dubbed this goal the "Mnuchin rule" during his confirmation hearing.

In addition, Mnuchin also stated that as "the negotiator-in-chief", the president only wants "big deals", and that he "has an open door".

While Wall Street has staged a huge rally since Trump's surprising election victory, Mnuchin said he believed the market could move still higher as the administration succeeds in implementing its economic program to cut taxes and eliminate burdensome regulations.

Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin called Trump's genes "perfect" during a recent interview.