Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Is Making A Comeback

Posted March 28, 2017

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will be a 6.4-inch phablet which will sport a Super AMOLED display.

It's a complete 180 from Samsung's stance last month when a rumor about refurbished Note 7s coming to Indonesia and India hit the news cycle.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 hasn't been announced yet, but that doesn't mean we don't know an bad lot about it.

Samsung had also issued updates late past year or early 2017 that sought to progressively reduce the charging capability of the Note 7 battery. The incident sparked concerns that it could cause delays in the release of the S8 smartphone, allowing competitors more room to steal market share from Samsung. The Note's triumphant return seems less than likely in some countries, especially the USA, considering it remains unclear exactly why the phone began exploding in the first place.

For detailed information on features and specifications read here.

Instead, Samsung is likely to target emerging markets, which means some users in developing nations might be able to nab what, in theory and in practice in our early review, was one of the best smartphones ever made for a fraction of the price.

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But Jan Dawson of Jackdaw Research said the decision "feels like a huge misstep" for Samsung as it readies a launch of its latest flagship handset this week. The European model will also apparently be powered by Samsung's in-house Exynos 8895 octa-core chipset with other models being powered by the Snapdragon 835. It is compatible with Galaxy S7 series, S6 series and Note 5. Still, we're glad that an Android smartphone maker has finally come up with a solid rival to Microsoft's Continuum feature.

Authorities in the U.S. and elsewhere banned the device from use on planes and even from being placed in checked luggage. Leaks also suggest that there will be no fingerprint scanner on the front.

A report on Naver claims Samsung has added DRAM as a storage device between the pixel element of the image sensor and the circuit part.

If you'd rather watch on a PC or laptop you can tune in live at Samsung's website.

The Galaxy S8 and larger Galaxy S8 Plus will be announced during a Samsung Unpacked event on Wednesday 29 March 2017 at 4pm BST (11am EDT/5pm CET).