Congressman Adriano Espaillat Statement Recognizing Equal Pay Day

Posted April 05, 2017

The gender wage gap "makes it hard to pay mortgage and rent, and has real practical implications for women's ability to take care of themselves and their families", Shabo said.

It's not just progressive states like California taking the wage gap seriously, either - North Dakota passed a bill in 2015 strengthening employer salary reporting requirements. Kennedy signed the Equal Pay Act, which established the principle of equal pay for equal work for women in the workforce. On average, women in CT earn only 82 cents for every dollar a man in the same job makes, with the gap being worse for women of color.

Waaay back in 1963, the Equal Pay Act attempted to close the gender wage gap by making it illegal for women to earn less than men doing the same job.

The gap between white men and black women is 21%, which is twice as large as the gap between white men and white women. Florida is the only state in the South with a gender wage gap narrower than the national average.

Furthermore, in light of Equal Pay Day, we should point out the potential harms caused to women by perpetuating the idea that there is widespread injustice set against them.

Closing the pay gap would lift 3.1 million working women and their families out of poverty and add $513 billion in new income each year to the USA economy, according to research commissioned by the Institute for Women's Policy Research.

"The Equal Pay Act is old now", Leber said.

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Is this a nod to women's progress, and recognition that women's earnings as a percentage of men's has crept up in recent years? The holiday's champions use the mantras "equal pay for equal work" and "83 cents on the dollar" to imply that women are regularly being paid less than men for the same work. Only 28% thought this was a "major reason" that women on average earn less than men. (Sheesh - nowhere to run!) On average, women who hold full-time, year-round jobs in the US are paid $10,470 less than men who hold full-time, year-round jobs.

The gender wage gap is, to be sure, a complicated issue. I have fought for equal pay for all of us for years, and I won't give up now.

Engineering is a high-paying, highly educated profession still dominated by men, but the pay is more equal than most jobs. And since women make three quarters of family purchasing decisions, it means less money is spent in our local economies.

Based on the findings, it would take women an extra 44 days of work to earn what men did in 2015, Pew said.

In studies that take these and other relevant factors into account, the wage gap shrinks, leaving just a few percentage points unexplained. As further noted by the AAUW, other variables such as age, race, education, industry, and location play into the pay gap as well.

The forced arbitration clause became the subject of public debate a year ago when Fox News presenter Gretchen Carlson dodged an arbitration clause in her own contract by directly suing the company's former chief Roger Ailes over claims of sexual harassment.