EpiPen and EpiPen Jr. subject to recall because of possible defective part

Posted April 03, 2017

UPI reported that the recalled EpiPen (0.3 mg) and EpiPen Jr.

Mylan's original March 20 recall affected about 80,000 of the EpiPen devices shipped to locations outside the United States.

In this expansion, Mylan says that the update adds at least 13 more lots of EpiPen (0.3 mg) or EpiPen Jr (0.15 mg) 2-pack Auto-Injectors with expiration dates that fall between April and October.

EpiPens deliver an emergency dose of adrenaline to people at risk of a serious allergic reaction.

Today, though, the company is in the news again with a voluntary recall over the auto-injector devices. The Mylan adult version are sold with a yellow label while the EpiPen Jr.is sold with a green label.

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Pfizer, the drug company that produces EpiPen auto-injectors, is voluntarily recalling two lots because they may have defective parts.

EpiPens are used to counteract severe allergic reactions. The new recall not only covers EpiPens sold in the US, but also involves the children's version, known as EpiPen Jr. The products affected would have been distributed to consumers between December 17, 2015, and July 1, 2016.

Mylan CEO Heather Bresch was even called to testify in front of Congress a year ago, though she lied about things like how much the company was making on the product.

The recalled items will be replaced at no cost.

Consumers should keep and use their EpiPen until they have a replacement.