First Xbox Project Scorpio in 4K images leak

Posted April 28, 2017

More importantly, we learned that existing Xbox One and Xbox 360 games will run better on Project Scorpio, and all these games will also look better on 1080p TV sets thanks to Project Scorpio's supersampling technology.

Project Scorpio is expected to arrive in shops in time for Christmas this year and take over from the Xbox One S as the company's flagship device.

Thankfully to even out the bad news Microsoft has been given something of a boost with the release of some exceptional looking 4K Project Scorpio images.

First, earlier in the month Microsoft revealed a whole mountain of information on everything most of us wanted to know about the Xbox Project Scorpio's functional hardware and software specs.

The Microsoft team also put together a ladybug demo to show how Project Scorpio could boost graphical fidelity in other ways.

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Scorpio's bigger memory and more powerful GPU will also open the door to higher-quality textures and 3D models and more complex rendering techniques. Remember, not all developers will release 4K upgrades for their games.

Windows Central has some exclusive screenshots showing Scorpio both at 4K and 1080p. As you can see, the render on the right (native 4K) looks much sharper than the others.

The price of Microsoft's Xbox Project Scorpio has been spotted online with a price tag of 399.99 Euros or around $436. There's a dramatic difference between the two, and heavily incentivizes developers to push out 4K patches for their games. It's a shame this is just a tech demo and not a real game.

The price is approximately double of what a 500GB Xbox One console without Kinect is now selling for. The insect has been partly rendered in 4K with Xbox One processing power (left side of the image) and partly rendered with major improvements in textures and 3D geometry like those the Scorpio is capable of. Project Scorpio is likely to arrive later this year, which is far ahead of GTA 6's potential debut period.

We expect devs to do some fantastic things with Microsoft's new 4K Xbox, and Microsoft will no-doubt showcase some impressive surprises at E3 2017.