Gunman 'wanted to kill white people' in rampage

Posted April 20, 2017

He says he joined the Nation of Islam and in 1995, when he was 17, he attended the Million Man March in a lieutenant.

After emerging from the ravine Sunday, he cut his braided hair and burned it, altering his appearance from the "wanted" photos police were soon to release in a manhunt for him in the death of the security guard.

Muhammad shot at another white man who had just walked out of a house, but he missed.

Muhammad has a criminal history that includes arrests on weapons, drugs and false imprisonment charges and making terrorist threats.

He said his friend, who left behind two preschoolers and a wife in Clovis, would not want people to feel anger toward the shooter.

"He intentionally targeted the white male", Dyer said.

Dyer said Muhammad had been unusually cooperative in walking police through what happened, and described him as coherent, but detached.

"This is exclusively based on race", he said. He also shot Mark Gassett on a sidewalk, then pumped two more rounds into him as he lay wounded.

Finally, Dyer said Muhammad fired in the direction of a bus stop where he spotted three white men. They scattered, and Muhammad picked the one who was older and appeared heavier, David Jackson, 58, of Fresno.

Dyer said he doesn't think the suspect's desire to kill stemmed from religious views, but rather racist views. A memorial of candles and flowers honors victims of Tuesday's shooting outside Catholic Charities Wednesday, April 19, 2017 in Fresno, Calif. Mark Gassett, 37, of Fresno, had just picked up groceries at a Catholi.

"Kori Muhammad is a very calloused individual".

The black gunman suspected of randomly shooting three men to death in downtown Fresno told police he wanted to kill as many white people as possible before he was captured, authorities said.

When arrested, he is said to have told officers: "I did it".

The police chief says Muhammad hasn't shown any remorse other than saying sorry to Dyer during his arrest.

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Police in the western US state of California say a man who shot dead three men Tuesday in the city of Fresno wanted to "kill as many people as he could".

When he learned he was wanted in the security guard killing, Muhammad made a decision to take out as many other white men as possible before he was caught, Dyer said.

The suspect in Tuesday's Fresno shooting told cops he watched them investigate a crime he committed last week from a nearby rooftop and practiced voodoo rituals while in hiding.

Muhammad, 39, told investigators he is Muslim but prays to seven different gods.

Dyer said Muhammad - born Kori McDonald - also spoke with his mother while in custody and "he told her not to cry, that he's still alive and that his magic is powerful". Muhammad had gone there to meet a woman, and he argued with security who asked him to leave.

Dyer says Muhammad fired at Williams, intending to kill him, because he felt Williams disrespected him.

The suspect then fled and hid on a gas station roof.

When he ran out of bullets, Dyer said, Muhammad wrapped the gun in clothes and put it down.

The guard, Carl Williams, 25, was shot multiple times. But it was closed, so he stopped at a Starbucks where he got on the internet for the first time since Thursday night and learned he was a suspect in the guard's murder.

Francine Williams described her 25-year-old son as a kind and giving person who had recently gotten engaged. He told her loved her too. Zackary Randalls, 34, died.

The third victim, a 59-year-old man, was gunned down in the parking of the Catholic Charities building.

Muhammad is facing four counts of murder.

Prosecutors plan to review the case against Muhammad on Thursday and he could be arraigned in court on Friday.