Kim Jong-un condemns US strike in Syria

Posted April 19, 2017

Trump went on to criticize Democratic administrations.

"The world is a hair's breadth from nuclear war", said Kiselyov, according to Reuters.

On April 14, USA media said that Trump might order a strike against North Korea in the event Pyongyang made a decision to carry out another nuclear weapon test.

"Both are risky, but who is more unsafe?"

When asked by a reporter what kind of message he had for Kim Jong-un, Trump simply said Monday at the White House that the North Korean leader has "gotta behave", without elaborating.

"He (Kim Jong-Un) is after all on his home territory".

Trump appears to be attempting to pressure North Korea into abandoning their nuclear programme alongside China, Japan and South Korea. He did acknowledge that Kiselyov's "position is close, but not every time".

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The Kremlin, which has denied having a hand in Trump's election campaign, one that was markedly more pro-Russia than his rival's, drew a rare line at Kiselyov's analysis. A survey conducted by the state-run pollster VTsIOM released on Monday (Tuesday NZT) found that 39 per cent of Russians hold a negative opinion of Trump, versus only seven per cent in March.

A woman passes a billboard showing a pictures of U.S. president-elect Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin in Danilovgrad, Montenegro, November 2016.

Trump, he says, "doesn't intend to use the US military to effect regime change in Syria, which is completely consistent with everything he said during the course of his campaign, not just about Syria, but about other countries".

The Kremlin realizes however, those same officials say, that the process will be harder and take longer than originally thought and the result is likely to be more limited in scope.

Trump recalled former President Bill Clinton and former President Barack Obama's efforts to deal with the North, pointing out that they've "all been outplayed" by Kim dynasty.

"I really hope that the kind of unilateral action we recently saw in Syria won't happen (in North Korea) and that the United States of America will follow the line which President Trump repeatedly set out during his pre-election campaign", said Lavrov.