Microsoft Authenticator app adds phone sign-in option, skips the password

Posted April 22, 2017

The company says that Wunderlist will eventually be retired and that they will not be bringing any new features to the older application.

The notable addition in To-Do is the focused My Day screen, which keeps lists and to-dos hidden until they need to get done. The eternal chicken-and-egg situation of low usage both causing weak app support and being caused by weak app support continues to be something that Microsoft has little interest in fixing. I could also edit an item created in the app over on Outlook and make it a recurring task. Any tasks that you don't get to are hidden away until you hit the lightbulb button for suggestions about things you should get done, which are surfaced based on how important the algorithm thinks they are. You can create reminders and have those notes/content sync across all your devices.

Microsoft To-Do will, in a couple of minutes, import all your lists and even categorize them as they were before.

As the only task management app built on an enterprise cloud, To-Do offers the advanced security that our Office 365 customers expect. Although the new feature is only available for the Android and iOS users, not for Windows user. Don't worry if you lose your phone (or it is dead) because below account sign -ins, you can also click "Use Password instead".

Instagram now works offline
However, you will be able to view all activities that took place on your Instagram field as soon as you reconnect. You will be able to still see the content that was previously loaded before you lost Internet.

Whether you're an Office 365 user or not, To-Do is definitely worth a look.

Exciting features from Wunderlist such as sharing lists, availability on all platforms (including Windows 10 Mobile), and integrations with external services, as promised by Microsoft, will be made available on To-do in the long run. Once enabled, trying to log into your Microsoft account with prompt a notification on your phone. This means that interested users will be able to test the app's powers as this will come with a web, Android phone, Windows 10 devices, and iPhone versions. He noted that Microsoft To-Do doesn't now appear to integrate with Office 365 services, including password access.

The new feature has been available for some time as part of a "soft launch", but the company has now announced that it is "generally available" for all users to enjoy.