Selena Gomez New Song For '13 Reasons Why,' Sound Familiar?

Posted April 01, 2017

Based off a novel by the same name by Jay Asher, the story follows a teenager named Clay Jensen who tries to uncover the reason why his classmate Hannah Baker committed suicide. "After 7 years of holding onto this book, I couldn't [have] picked a better time for this message to exist".

In this series, written by Brian Yorkey and executive produced by Selena Gomez, Hannah and Clay are also mirrors that reflect how different the teen experience can be for girls versus boys.

The singer told fans that the track was "inspired by Hannah and Clay's story", the main characters in the film.

Netflix's "13 Reasons Why" was a labor of love years in the making for superstar Selena Gomez.

It's the serious subject matter that first grabbed the attention of artist and actress Selena Gomez. "Thank you to every single soul that put their heart into this passion project", she said. The way she amped up her outfit by matching her earrings and eyeshadow to her orange strapless dress made for a seriously bold ensemble.

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Before she ended her life, Hannah recorded a series of cassette tapes explaining her actions and then set into motion an elaborate chain-letter system to pass the tapes along to the people she deemed partly responsible, one by one. That makes the wrist-cutting scene an invention of the series' writers, and one that could potentially be harmful viewers who are struggling themselves. Think of it as a little snack to hold you over until #SG3 arrives.

On one hand, the depiction of Hannah's suicide was consistent with the series' unflinching depiction of other traumas, but it was also an active choice from the show's writers. "I hope when people watch it maybe it will inspire them to kind of think more about what they are doing to the people around them".

13 Reasons Why premieres on March 31.

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If you read 13 Reasons Why, you know that Clay and Hannah connected at a party and kissed.