Caffeinated Bagels Now Exist to Help Make Your Mornings More Efficient

Posted May 06, 2017

According to Grub Street, the popular bagel chain has released what it's calling the "world's first caffeinated bagel" as of Thursday morning - and it's already caused quite the stir.

If you've ever felt the need to double-fist your coffee, this bagel company has you covered.

Fans submitting messages receive a coupon for a free Boosted Bagel and shmear with purchase and will be entered for a chance to win one free bagel with shmear from Einstein Bros. Each bagel is said to have at least 32 mg of caffeine-equivalent to one-third of a cup of brewed coffee. Einstein Bros.' is bringing back the two-in-one breakfast and it's combining the two food groups we love most: carbs and coffee. So, the bagel isn't necessarily going to wake you up as well as the contents of your ever-present coffee thermos, but then again, it's not meant to. "Bagels", Kerry Coyne, Einstein Bros.

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Coffee lovers who typically enjoy a bagel with their morning cup of joe can now have the best of both worlds, thanks to this new caffeine alternative. And yes, it actually does taste like coffee.

Carly is inclined to side with the insanity argument: 'We were giggling and cracking jokes, but I still think I could have taken a nap after eating it, had I been given the opportunity'.

The bagels are all part of a new line called the Boosted Bagel, which has ingredients that provide "functional benefits".