Gal Gadot: Wonder Woman Versus Superman? Sure!

Posted May 30, 2017

She's still Diana, but nowadays she's wiser and more educated about the complexities of life and the world and mankind.

As always, I didn't watch a single trailer leading up to the film.

Most lists would likely include a pioneering role model (Golda Meir), a supermodel who once dated Leonardo DiCaprio (Bar Refaeli), its seeming prime minister for life (Benjamin Netanyahu), a politician with insane hair (David Ben-Gurion), a war hero with a pirate-style eye patch (Moshe Dayan) and a virtuoso violinist (Itzhak Perlman).

There's a huge contrast between the island lifestyle the Amazonians enjoy on Themiscyra compared to the much harsher "real world" setting of the war.

Visit for more episodes and movie-related content. I feel the character, as represented in the film is a lot more than simply filling the gap of a female lead in the superhero universe.

Wonder Woman will hit cinemas on June 1st in the United Kingdom and June 2nd in North America, with Patty Jenkins (Monster) directing a cast that includes Gal Gadot (Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice), Chris Pine (Star Trek), Connie Nielsen (Gladiator), Robin Wright (House of Cards), Danny Huston (X-Men Origins: Wolverine), David Thewlis (The Theory of Everything), Ewen Bremner (Snowpiercer), Said Taghmaoui (American Hustle), Elena Anaya (The Skin I Live In), Lisa Loven Kongsli (Force Majeure), Lucy Davis (Shaun of the Dead) and Ann Wolf.

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Gadot's Wonder Woman was first introduced in Dawn of Justice and she'll be seen again later this year in director Zack Snyder's Justice League.

Wonder Woman hits theaters NEXT WEEKEND!

Warner Bros. Brasil asks Gal Gadot, Comicbook reports, if she can take on Henry Cavill, the actor who plays Superman. She's supernaturally handsome and unbelievably kind and thoughtful and intelligent and wise, yet bright and youthful and hopeful. She looks a lot more the part than before.

Back in 2015, she said: "I like to wear my hair up". The contrasting between the two settings added a level of suspense as a result. You got to respect that and you have to respect the legacy that this character has. At least that's my take on it. (The United Nations soon dropped the character as an honorary ambassador after staffers there complained that the comic book superheroine was "not culturally encompassing or sensitive.") Gadot recently proclaimed that Wonder Woman "of course" is a feminist in an Entertainment Weekly interview that is being cited across the internet.

May is nearly at an end, which means we're pretty close to the release of Wonder Woman.