Hackers threaten to leak unreleased Disney movie if not paid 'huge' ransom

Posted May 16, 2017

Disney chairman Bob Iger said Monday hackers claiming to have access to one of the company's major unreleased movies were demanding a "huge" ransom or they would release it online bit by bit, according to USA media reports.

The unnamed group has demanded that Disney cough up a hefty ransom, to be paid through the cryptocurrency and digital payment system Bitcoin, in order to regain access to what's rightfully theirs.

Sources told Deadline that Disney is not now planning to pay the ransom, though the studio has not yet commented publicly on the situation.

There's unconfirmed reports it's the new Johnny Depp film "Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales" which was filmed in Queensland, it's not due for release in Australia until next Thursday May 25.

The hackers threatened to release the film unless the studio paid a ransom, but Iger said Disney is refusing to pay.

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A hacker last month leaked the upcoming season of Netflix's popular TV show "Orange is the New Black" after the company refused to meet the hacker's ransom demand.

Joachim Ronning, the director of the films series, crushed the rumors alleging this would be the last installment of the series. Now there has been a shift with the advent of ransomware so (these companies) are getting demands to pay for their own IP.

"Who is next on the list?" We're not playing any games anymore, " the Twitter account posted in April.

Hackers have also reportedly targeted Hollywood agencies such as UTA, ICM and WME.

Disney bosses have reportedly called in the FBI to investigate a major cyber hack. "Of course, the individual victim must weigh their options".