Sessions to interview FBI candidates Saturday

Posted May 16, 2017

Schiller was among those Trump consulted about Comey and was tapped by the president to deliver a letter informing the director of his firing. "I think as well our institutions are under assault internally".

Clapper spoke following Trump's sudden firing of Comey last week, which drew sharp criticism because it came amid the FBI's investigation into Russia's interference in the 2016 presidential election. But he wound up creating new headaches for the White House, including with an apparent threat to Comey. The Washington Post reported Wednesday that Rosenstein threatened to resign after the narrative emerging from the White House casting him as a prime mover of the decision. "The president is the CEO of the country".

Spicer did not answer to questions whether the White House taped the conversation between Trump and Comey. In a fresh tweet, Trump made it seem if James Comey leaks any kind of information with regard to their conversation, he would produce tapes refuting Comey's claims. He dismissed as less desirable at least two of the 14 candidates under consideration by Trump, former Rep. Mike Rogers of MI and Sen. He is the former chairman of the House Intelligence Committee who also worked as an Federal Bureau of Investigation special agent based in Chicago in the 1990s. "I don't think this is the time to put in a political person", Warner said. "The president's made a determination ... we don't have the luxury of picking who we work with".

However, others have suggested other names, including Judge Merrick Garland, whose Supreme Court nomination was squashed by Republicans. Mitch McConnell, Josh Holmes, said McConnell is interested in the suggestion.

"Let's say I did it on January 20", Trump said. Republicans hold 52 seats in the chamber to Democrats' 48.

"If there are any tapes of this conversation, they need to be turned over", Sen.

That makes it all the stranger that he would speak of tapes and take so little care in removing Comey.

After Trump tweeted in March that President Barack Obama had ordered a wiretap on his phones in Trump Tower, three ex-employees told The Associated Press that as a businessman, Trump not only anxious about possible listening devices in his phones and office but had also occasionally taped his own phone conversations. Trump, who is scheduled to leave Friday on his first overseas trip as president, told reporters Saturday that it was possible he could announce his selection before then.

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The White House initially said Trump was compelled to fire Comey by a critical memo from the deputy attorney general on the director's handling of last year's investigation into Hillary Clinton's email.

Democrats renewed their calls for a special counsel after President Donald Trump fired James Comey, who had been heading the Russian Federation inquiry.

Yet he waited well into his fourth month as president before moving against Comey, a Republican appointed by President Obama for a 10-year term that still had more than five years to run.

So far 14 people have emerged as candidates.

The Justice Department began interviewing candidates for the Federal Bureau of Investigation director job on Saturday.

Among those interviewed was Adam Lee, special agent in charge of the FBI's Richmond, Virginia, office. John Cornyn of Texas, the No. 2 Senate leader and a former state attorney general.

Fran Townsend: Townsend served in George W. Bush's administration in the Justice Department, and she was also his former Homeland Security adviser. There, he led investigations of government officials and civil rights violations.

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham said that the Judiciary Committee, of which he is also a member, needs Comey to appear before it to "clear the air".