Final Fantasy XV announcements coming to Gamescom

Posted June 27, 2017

If you want to explore the world of Final Fantasy XV with more freedom, without being stuck to the roads, Square Enix just made a new update available for you.

Like the previous Final Fantasy XV DLC chapter, Episode Prompto revolves around a single member of Notcis' entourage.

The Final Fantasy 15 1.12 update is now live, and if you felt that off-roading was sorely missing from the game, you will be happy to know it is now a feature. The DLC could tell us the reasons on what happens to him. Episode Prompto releases tomorrow and Episode Ignis launches in December; if you haven't already, you can play Episode Gladiolus right now.

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In their second trade, the Lakers traded the 28th pick to the Utah Jazz in exchange for the 30th and 42nd overall selections. LaVar Ball talked his son Lonzo becoming a Laker into existence, and he might just do the same about next year's playoffs.

Shirrako on YouTube uploaded the teaser trailer and it sees Ignis, the refined chef of the team, being captured by Niflheim soldiers and Ardyn Izunia, the main baddie.

Now available on PS4 and Xbox One, the new update adds Regalia Type-D, a vehicle capable of going off-road whenever it likes.