Prostitution Charges Filed Against Vegas Man in Illinois Death Case

Posted June 09, 2017

The dead child was found in the detached garage of a dilapidated, boarded-up home in Centreville, an impoverished community just across the Mississippi River from St. Louis. They suspect the child was killed in 2013.

In a rambling 90-minute interview on Thursday, Quate said the girl's death had been an accident and that his wife - not he - hid the body in the garage before the family moved to Nevada.

Jason Scott Quate is due in court Friday in Las Vegas to answer a criminal complaint charging him with felony sex trafficking and living from the earnings of a prostitute. The mother reportedly told investigators Quate had sexually abused their two teen daughters.

Police said Jason Quate's wife told them he killed their 6-year-old daughter in IL and then forced her into prostitution.

According to the Associated Press, the discovery was made Tuesday in Centreville, a suburb southeast of St. Louis.

According to neighbors the couple lived in Belleville until about two years ago, and they say they knew the couple had children but no one was allowed to see them. The girls had not been allowed to leave the house or enroll in school for the last 18 months to two years. A police lieutenant said the girls lacked socialization skills and showed signs of abuse. Their two teenage daughters are now in protective custody.

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She told police they had lived in Centreville with their three children, whom Quate had abused.

Belleville detectives were sent to Las Vegas to work on the case, while others focused Wednesday on a Belleville home, Master Sgt. Todd Keilbach said Wednesday. An autopsy is expected later this week, St. Clair County Coroner Calvin Dye Sr. said.

Dye says a forensic anthropologist will try to determine the child's gender, and police are trying to determine how the child died.

Investigators found remains believed to belong to a little girl buried in a garage in IL. The wife was charged in March 2015 in St. Clair County with a retail theft case that was later dismissed.

Quate told KSNV-TV in Las Vegas that his wife's involvement in prostitution was her idea, and that he believed that his wife had put the 6-year-old up for adoption. "I've begged her to get a regular job", Quate said. She wanted to come out here and be a prostitute. She wanted to do all this. I've never harmed her.

Neighbors told a reporter from KTNV-TV in Las Vegas that they frequently heard yelling coming from the apartment.