Rande Gerber celebrates George Clooney welcoming twins

Posted June 21, 2017

Meanwhile, in the past couple of months, George has been preparing to become a father to his twins, Ella and Alexander, who arrived hours ago.

"They are gorgeous. Nina swears they have George's nose", Nick said in a phone interview with FOX journalist Tricia Macke.

"I know swaddling", he told "Extra" in March, "I know what I'm in for".

"Amal, who is Super Woman, she is just incredible", Nick said. They were born in London on Tuesday morning, the publicist of her actor husband George Clooney said. In fact, just two hours after the infants were born in the United Kingdom, the happy family Skyped George's parents, Nick Clooney and Nina Warren, who live in Kentucky. The couple have named their children Ella and Alexander and according to Rosenfield mother and babies are all "happy, healthy and doing fine". With a lot of humor, he said that the actor is " under sedatives, he should recover in a few days". His little profile." He added: "And I love their names Alexander and Ella. But Amal has set up an office in her home so she can be with the babies when she goes back to work. "There aren't really any hard and fast rules for negotiating that any more, which is great and liberating but also anxiety producing", Hall said.

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He referred to Amal as a "Super Woman" and "amazing", and noted that Amal is definitely a step up in class for his son. "So, we thought we'd put a spin on it and call it the House of Twins". "It was a handsome delivery".

The birthday celebration came as the Clooneys anticipated their twins' arrivals.

It is a marked change from Beyonce's first pregnancy, with now five-year-old Blue Ivy, when the singer was so rarely photographed that it spawned unfounded conspiracy theories that the Single Ladies star had faked her condition.

Amal and George Clooney are now officially first-time parents.