Senate Heads Toward Showdown Vote on Saudi Arms Sale

Posted June 14, 2017

The vote indicates support is growing to question the foreign policy establishment status quo.

In an interview with LobeLog, she affirmed the importance of exposing the high level of USA involvement in the Yemen conflict. Schumer previously voted to table a resolution of disapproval sponsored by Paul in 2016, which would have halted a deal with Saudi Arabia for Abrams tanks.

"How do we figure out how to have less war?"

All of the questions I have asked here and more deserve debate. "I'm not willing to invade Saudi Arabia to tell them what to do, but we don't have to support them". Rand Paul, this resolution counters President Trump's promise to send armaments to the Saudis and our long history of supporting the kingdom's military, despite its awful human rights record and funding of global terrorism. "They are not a reliable ally", Paul said. "There's a lot more we can do than sell them a weapons system without any constraints".

Chris Murphy to block a portion of a $110 billion arms sale to Saudi Arabia.

But opponents of the deal, led by Sen.

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Rights groups expressed similar concerns. "Saudi Arabia needs to see that there will be consequences if they ignore US demands and target civilian infrastructure". Most of those casualties resulted from Saudi coalition air strikes.

That ABA report found that the US could not "continue to rely on Saudi assurances that it will comply with global law and agreements concerning the use of USA -origin equipment". Human Rights Watch recorded 81 unlawful attacks in Yemen over the last two years. Rather, support for the arms deal is primarily bolstered by lobbying from major U.S. arms makers who stand to make tens of billions of dollars exporting weapons to the Saudis to keep the Yemen war going. In addition, he raised the specter of genocide in Yemen with the help of US -supplied arms. "Saudi airstrikes have completely destroyed Yemen with USA -sold weapons", said Kate Kizer, from the Yemen Peace Project, one of the activist groups leading the effort.

The $510 million sale of precision-guided munitions, or PGMs, is part of the $110 billion arms agreement Trump announced during his visit to Saudi Arabia last month. The deal, Brookings senior fellow Bruce Riedel wrote, consists of "letters of interest or intent, but not contracts". He questioned the one-way defense relationship, and called it the world's largest funder of terrorism. Iran is now Saudi Arabia's largest regional rival for power.

"The United States and the worldwide community should be focused on addressing the humanitarian disaster in Yemen and working towards a diplomatic solution instead of contributing to further military escalation through arms sales and risking their use in carrying out attacks in civilian areas", Kaine said.

In a Senate floor speech ahead of the vote, Schumer said that Riyadh's support for Wahhabism, a strict Muslim sect that adheres closely to the Koran, is "responsible for much of the radicalization of Muslim youth in the Middle East in North Africa". Some lawmakers who voted for that deal, like top Democrats Sens.