Teacher suspended after pro-Trump yearbook photos altered

Posted June 13, 2017

Students and parents at Wall Township High School in Wall, New Jersey are outraged by yearbook photos that have been altered to remove campaign slogans and logos that express support for President Donald Trump. "I can not discuss personnel matters, but I take this very seriously and it will be addressed appropriately", Dyer said to CNN. He also complained that other students' attire wasn't censored, including photos of shirts with images of the New Jersey Devils, Led Zeppelin, Reagan-Bush and, in past yearbooks, President Barack Obama.

The dad claimed there were no dress code restrictions in place when his son chose to wear the shirt.

Grant, the student, is too young to vote.

But, when he got his yearbook this week, the Trump logo on his T-shirt appeared to be censored.

"I like thinking big". Dyer went on to stress that the school district was not involved in the digital adjustment of the student's T-shirt.

His sister, Montana, served as president of the school's freshman class.

CNN reported that not all references to Trump were withheld - one page in the yearbook did mention the 2016 presidential election.

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Kim Keator, executive secretary to Wall Township schools superintendent Cheryl Dyer, said her boss suspended the yearbook adviser. Berardo's father, Joseph, says he will hire a lawyer if necessary.

Montana had submitted the Trump quote, "I like thinking big".

The district superintendent told the same newspaper that the school doesn't have a dress code prohibiting students from wearing clothing espousing their political views, adding that she was "quite disturbed by the entire situation". "Indeed, the administration applauds students for becoming involved in politics, making their voices known, and taking an active part in our democracy", Dyer wrote.

It's a cliché whenever the First Amendment comes up, but writer Evelyn Beatrice Hall's words about free speech, where she paraphrased Voltaire's philosophy, are relevant here: "I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it". "There should also be consequences for the teacher who made the decision, if that's, in fact, what happened", he explained.

"They're going the right direction, I'm pleased with the way they're handling it", Joseph Berardo said. Removing a Trump quote and a couple of logos may not sound like much, but it's censorship, plain and simple.

The students' families plan to meet with Wall Township High School's principal this week.