Zoo investors in China feed live donkey to tigers

Posted June 07, 2017

Disgruntled shareholders at a zoo in China have fed a live donkey to tigers in a protest against the management.

As a result, a group of shareholders were angry over not receiving returns on their investments and felt the zoo was conspiring with the court to "cheat" them.

However, while they were leaving, the security guard tried to stop them, irked by this, the men then tried to push the animals into the tiger enclosure.

The zoo had been facing financial issues after a court case led to its assets being frozen two years ago. The shareholder said: "Without these documents, we can only watch these animals die".

The video shows four men creating a makeshift ramp into a moat in the tiger enclosure, before lifting the donkey onto it and sliding it down.

Another outraged user said: "An alive donkey being thrown into a cage full of tigers - sadistic".

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According to Chinese media outlet, The Paper, an unnamed investor claimed throwing the animal to its death would save on "animal feed".

Conditions in many Chinese zoos are notoriously cruel, and guests often throw food or other objects at animals.

In a statement posted on Sina Weibo on Tuesday after the video went viral Monday evening, the park said they had already launched an emergency response plan, and apologized for any discomfort caused by the video to the viewers.

One wrote: "The donkey brayed loudly when it was pushed down".

Even if that is the case, this is a server case of animal cruelty and should never have happened.